Effective scheduling and appointment management is crucial to maximize productivity and provide excellent customer service in today’s fast-paced corporate world. Companies widely use Calendly since it simplifies the scheduling process. However, businesses need more than just a simple appointment setting tool.

This article will examine some viable alternatives for Calendly. To assist you in making an educated selection, we will compare and contrast their available features, cost, and general user experience.


Doodle is a versatile scheduling tool that offers a simple and intuitive interface. It allows you to create and share polls to find the best meeting times that work for all participants. With its powerful integrations, Doodle seamlessly syncs with popular calendar apps, making scheduling a breeze. Whether you need to organize one-on-one meetings or group events, Doodle offers a range of features to accommodate your needs. Its free and paid plans provide flexibility and scalability for businesses of all sizes.


YouCanBook.me is another robust scheduling solution that simplifies appointment booking. It offers customizable booking pages tailored to your brand’s look and feel. YouCanBook.me integrates with popular calendars like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCloud, ensuring seamless synchronization. It also provides features like automatic time zone detection, customizable notifications, and the ability to collect customer information during booking. With its user-friendly interface and comprehensive functionality, YouCanBook.me is a reliable alternative to Calendly.

Acuity Scheduling

Acuity is a powerful appointment-scheduling software that caters to businesses across various industries. It offers advanced features such as calendar syncing, automated reminders, and the ability to accept online payments. Acuity Scheduling provides a highly customizable booking experience, allowing you to set up different appointment types, durations, and availability. It also offers integrations with popular tools like Zoom and Salesforce, enhancing its functionality. While Acuity Scheduling provides a free plan, its paid plans unlock additional features like advanced reporting and analytics.


Setmore is a user-friendly scheduling software that offers a range of features to streamline your appointment management. It provides a customizable booking page that allows clients to schedule appointments, classes, or services easily. Setmore offers integrations with popular calendar apps, ensuring your schedule remains current. It also supports online payments, customer reviews, and SMS reminders to enhance the customer experience. Setmore’s free plan provides basic scheduling functionality, while its premium plans offer additional features like multiple staff logins and email marketing integrations.


Appointy is comprehensive scheduling software that caters to businesses of all types and sizes. It offers features like automated appointment scheduling, calendar syncing, and client management tools. Appointy’s customizable booking page allows customers to schedule appointments based on availability. It also offers features like online payments, email and SMS reminders, and integrations with popular tools like Google Calendar and Outlook. Appointy’s pricing plans allow businesses to choose the features that best suit their needs.


Treffas is a powerful and user-friendly tool that allows you to easily manage appointments, bookings, and reservations from one platform. It offers calendar syncing, automated customer reminders, video conferencing, payments, intake forms or surveys, and even email marketing features. With its flexible pricing options, you can choose the features that suit your business needs without breaking the bank.

Treffas is an exceptional alternative to Calendly due to its extensive integration capabilities. It seamlessly integrates with various software, including popular scheduling, calendar, email, payment, and content management systems. Whether you use ConvertKit, ActiveCampaign, PayPal, Zoom, Skype, Stripe, AWeber, Google Calendar, Mailchimp, or Microsoft Office Outlook, Treffas can easily integrate with your existing software ecosystem. This integration allows for a more streamlined and connected experience, enabling you to manage your appointments and customer interactions across different platforms seamlessly.


In summary, numerous alternatives to Calendly are available for businesses of all sizes. While all of the above scheduling tools offer basic features like calendar syncing and automated customer reminders, each one offers unique features that may be better suited for your business needs. Consider carefully which software can streamline your daily operations and provide an excellent customer experience.

With its comprehensive integrations, Treffas  is the best option for those seeking an easy-to-use and cost-effective scheduling solution.